Four talks that make the web a better place

Written by Steve Fisher

January 22, 2014

I want to share four TED talks that have shaped my perspective on working towards a wholehearted web. I bet they'll get you dreaming.

They’re connected by the thread of making the world a better place, each in their own unique way. Take some time to watch, let the messages percolate, and then share what’s shaped you as a designer, developer, content strategist... a change-maker on the web. Let’s share our ideas so we can move towards a more wholehearted way of thinking, creating and living.

The power of vulnerability - Brene Brown

This talk influenced me so much it made its way into my heart and our mission statement. They way Brene talks about how we think about ourselves and our stories helped me understand how we need to open up and have the ability to connect deeply with everyone on our project teams: client, vendor, and audience. Looking at things through a vulnerable lense of being willing to be imperfect and fight through those moments together. By letting go of our usual ways of holding back and protecting ourselves, we free our project teams to express true creativity and bonding.

How To Use One Paper Towel - Joe Smith

This is the TED talk that has had more direct, daily impact on me than almost any other talk, and it is about how to use paper towels. I love that with some research and a clear presentation, a small change can have huge impact. Paper towel dispensers are now a daily reminder of this.

Design is the centre of change - Kara Pecknold

This is from my very own stomping grounds—Vancouver! Kara focuses on on the process of change and how to turn an idea into action. She lays out how to do this through a familiar framework of discover, design, develop, and deliver. I love how she connects the reality that we must work together as a community of experts—not just the experts—to find wholehearted solutions.

Open Sourced Future - Steve Fisher

Okay, okay. Shameless self promotion. This talk is from a time when I was starting to explore in more depth what a wholehearted web could look like. This talk forced me to reflect on my own journey and share how working together could move us forward. Collaboration, not competition.

Your voice

Both Shannon and I would love to hear about the talks or experiences that have impacted you. Drop us a note via Twitter, Facebook, carrier pigeon, or wherever! Let’s keep the discussion going. Here’s to creating a more wholehearted web.