The Web Design Process

Written by Steve Fisher

April 11, 2013

Last week, a former intern of mine asked if he could interview me about my perspective on the web design process.

Sam Jiang is a great emerging designer finishing up his degree at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. He's a friend, so saying yes was a no-brainer. He captured the following fun little interview for his final project. It's unrehearsed, off-the-cuff, and done in one take (with two cameras), which I kinda love. Feels natural. You get to hear me stumble, chuckle a little, and watch me use a lot of hand gestures. Plus, I wore my brand tie (RoQ colors) that day. Always come prepared.

The key to it all from a user experience perspective is to keep the vision. From the start, as we get to know what the user wants, to the end when they are actually using it—making that experience consistent and congruent. — Steve Fisher (me!)