Responsive Content Design Workshop

Responsive content modelling (content designs) makes sure your key messaging is always center stage.
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Steve Fisher

Responsive Content Models (Content Designs) describe all of the content types on a target site, the elements of each, and then prioritize the content type that should appear on a specific page type. They help us define the content creation, design, and user experience concepts for the new or refreshed site. This is especially important for the responsive web—because layout and user context is constantly changing, we have to make sure that content priorities are represented consistently across all platforms.

This workshop will guide participants through the discovery of their core piece of content and mapping all the relationships that orbit around it.


  • Finding the core piece of content
  • Creating a working UX vision and the guiding design principles for a project
  • Prioritizing all the pieces of content for both small and large screens
  • Sketching out and documenting responsive content models
  • Moving from modeling to prototyping
  • Plus a practical package of resources for repeating the process

Steve has presented this popular workshop at a number of conferences, including the IA Summit, WebVisions Portland, UX London, and The Future of Web Design. It's always popular at events like these and as an in-house training day.